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IOS 14.1- All you need to know

Hi everyone today apple released ios 14.1 to the public this is available to all ios 14 supported devices so if you were able to get ios 14 you'll be able to get this version now this particular version is the same as ios 14.1 gm so if you're already on gm you have the final version they have the same build number we'll take a look at in a little bit now this particular update came in at 355 megabytes on my iphone 8 plus and it's about the same size depending on your device up to about 500 megabytes if you're on the previous ios 14.0.1.

Now this update also will not be available if you're on ios 14.2 betas because you would actually need a computer to downgrade to this version in order to get it now let's go ahead and take a look at the build number and talk about what's new so to go see what the build number is we go to settings then we go to general then about at the top we tap on software version and you'll see the build number is the same as the gm if you've been following along it's 18 a 8 3 9 5. now along with ios 14.1 apple also released ipad os 14.1. e

Then the one we've been waiting for for a long time homepod os 14.1 that brings support to the existing homepod as well as homepod mini once that's released and brings all of those new siri and intercom features as well as improvements and fixes so that should be available for your home pod right away and if you're not seeing it it will update by itself or you can go into your home app go to your homepod and update it there and it may take a while to update but once you have it you'll be able to use those features and with ios 14.1 it also includes those features so if you have 14.1 and you have a homepod updated or a homepod mini once it comes out you'll be able to use the intercom feature so you'll go into the home app and if you have that it'll say welcome to home like this this was sent in by a viewer and you'll see it says intercom you can now reach everyone in your home even when they're away just say hey and then the siri name as well as intercom followed by your message your message can be sent to home pods and personal devices so that includes iphones and ipads and this was sent in by ali so i appreciate that but you get the idea you can use your phone as a homepod intercom.

So you can use it between devices it's a really nice feature now this update also adds support for 10-bit hdr video playback and editing in your photos app if you have an iphone 8 and later so unfortunately on the iphone 6s 6s plus 7 7 plus and se you won't be able to view or edit those hdr videos but that's because the display isn't hdr i assume and so they've got that sort of unfortunate lack of feature so with iphone 8 plus you'll be able to edit and view those features and that really coincides with iphone 12 where it can now record an hdr so i think that's what that's all about so you'll be able to send or view those videos in your newer devices even if you don't have a 12.

Now if you're having connectivity issues the iphone 11 pro and pro max seemed to get a modem update but not all devices did for example the iphone 8 plus did not get a modem update so it just depends which device you're on if you're coming from ios 14.0.1 you may or may not have it depending on which device you have usually the problematic devices are the ones with face id so hopefully it fixes an issue if you have that modem update and now there's a bunch of fixes in this particular update and that's usually what 14.1 is all about and so let's go over those one by one and the first one is it addresses an issue where some widgets folders and icons were showing up in reduced sizes on your home screen.

Now i found that to be more true on the ipad i had a lot of people message me and say the icons were just showing up smaller sizes it seems to be fixed on both devices and this update fixes that the next one it fixes an issue where some emails in mail were sent from an incorrect alias so if you used email aliases in the mail client and it wasn't sending properly that should be fixed it also fixed an issue that could prevent incoming calls from displaying region information so maybe you received a call it was from maybe the united states in a certain state it may not show it the correct way now it should and then it also addresses an issue where some users were occasionally unable to download or add songs to their library while viewing an album or playlist

So if you were in music and you couldn't see your songs being downloaded it should be fixed now as well i didn't have that issue but quite a few did now this one could be a big one if you use a zoomed in display they fixed an issue where when you're on your lock screen and you go to enter a passcode so maybe you're not using face id or touch id sometimes if it was zoomed in you would actually have an overlap of the buttons over the top of the emergency call button so you couldn't input text or tap on those and so that should be resolved so if we go to the home screen we swipe up a couple times because i don't have it pointed at my face you get to this you wouldn't be able to go to the emergency which is a big problem so that's fixed in this update now if you use the calculator app and we're having bugs they've fixed an issue with that so within the calculator apparently there were issues where it could prevent zeros from appearing in the calculator so if you need a bunch of zeros well they just wouldn't show up sometimes so that should be fixed it also resolves an issue where streaming video resolution could temporarily be reduced at the start of playback so instead of playing at say full 1080p or 4k resolution whatever you're watching in your tv with video the resolution at the beginning could be reduced now we've seen this for years and things like youtube where it will eventually just bump it up to your requested resolution but that shouldn't happen on apple's different playback services so that should be fixed now now if you use an apple watch

There was an issue for some people where you couldn't add a new watch as a family watch so if you go into your watch app and then you want to add a watch you could have issues if you were trying to set it up for a family member that should now be resolved and it should work properly so some people were having that i know when they got their new apple watches they weren't able to set it up properly so that should be resolved now they've also fixed an issue where the display material of the apple watch could have shown up incorrectly that's now been resolved so maybe you have a titanium watch and it was showing aluminum that should be resolved

Now and it's just a small detail and that's something we usually appreciate about apple and then also they fix an issue where the files app could cause some mdm managed cloud service providers to incorrectly display content as unavailable so what that means is if you have a device that's managed maybe it's by a school you have an ipad sometimes cloud service providers would incorrectly display content as unavailable when you were trying to serve content that should be resolved and then the last one i think is interesting a lot of people that were having problems with wi-fi apparently apple's fixed or improved compatibility with ubiquiti wireless access points now that means ubiquity owns quite a few different ones such as the amplify alien that i'm using at home with wi-fi six and if you have one of those and you're having issues with wi-fi it should be resolved now there's also some security updates but they don't list anything really specifically so they didn't publish any cve entries but apparently there's some updates available for it for iphone 6s and later ipod touch 7th generation ipad air 2 and later and ipad mini 4 and later so there are some security updates in here we just don't know exactly what they are so we'll have to wait and see if apple ever publishes those but right now they haven't said what exactly they've fixed as far as that and so that is everything they've said that they've fixed that doesn't mean there aren't other improvements such as battery life they don't call it out specifically but i know a lot of people were having issues with battery life and i've been running ios 14.1 or ipad os 14.1 on my ipad pro for quite some time and it seems to be okay so if we go into my settings we'll go to battery wait for it to load here we'll go to the last 10 days and you'll see that i don't charge every day it was last charged to 57 28 minutes ago and

That's because i had to install the update and when you're below 50 battery life you need to have 50 to install it but in general i don't charge it every day and i usually get about eight hours to 10 hours of use out of it with streaming video and and doing other things such as safari you'll see 83 of my usage was using youtube and so battery life really has not been an issue with 14.1 for me at least on ipad now on the iphone it will take a little bit of time to know so we'll have to see after a few days what it's like and of course i'll mention that in a follow-up but there's no way to know initially you can't really measure it by going from 100 percent down and seeing how fast it drops since apple actually measures that differently it's not exactly how they measure it so we'll have to wait and see now this update will not drop your battery health battery health is not dropped by updates but rather is just a re-measurement of the physical battery in here and its capacity and what it's capable of so don't worry about installing it as far as that goes you'll see the battery health on my iphone 11 pro is 100 this isn't my main phone but depending on your device after a year it's going to vary so for example on my iphone 11 pro max let's go to battery here go down to where we passed it here we'll go to battery then we'll go to battery health it's at 93 as my daily phone charged every single night all night after over a year i had it from day one and it's doing well eighty percent after two years is normal according to apple now as far as performance on all of these performance seems to be pretty good performance on my ipad that i've been using for some time seems to be fine super smooth no issues whatsoever in fact on the oldest phone here the 6s plus it seems to be okay and you'll see if we go into music it's the first time i've opened music on this device since installing the update it seems nice and smooth fluid fast and i really wouldn't worry about any issues everything seems to be nice and fast and hopefully they fixed issues if people were having them but everything from loading games to anything else should be fine so if we go into minecraft on this device i'll wait for it to load you'll see the world is loading and i normally use this to gauge frame rate and see if it's smooth so walking around this world seems to be nice and smooth if i go fast here i don't see any tearing or anything like that it seems like it's performing fast usually this runs i believe at 60 frames per second so it's fairly smooth just walking around.

If you're playing games i wouldn't expect any slowdowns although it will get a little bit warm when playing a game i noticed that already while playing it on the 6s plus but it's going to vary depending on device and how much of the cpu you're using on any of these devices the 8 plus or the 11 pro max i really wouldn't worry about it now with ipad os 14.1 don't expect anything other than what i've already mentioned for ios 14.1 nothing's really new hopefully they've fixed the widgets though but there isn't anything specific that they've mentioned in fact there's less notes of things they've added than more notes so just depending on your device it should have all the same sort of features that hdr support but the hdr support is only from the ipad mini 5th generation ipad air third generation and then the ipad pro 10.5 11 12.9 so all of those are supported as well as probably the new ipad air fourth generation of course once that comes out this friday now as far as benchmarks i used geekbench 5. let's take a look at them you'll see on the 11 pro i scored at 1 31 for single core 3460 for multi-core this is pretty good i could run it again and i'll probably get higher higher numbers but in general if we go back to well november of last year we're running it about the same from ios 13 to ios 14.1 so we don't see any slow down so everything should be good there let's take a look at all of these devices so from left to right i have the 2020 12.9 inch ipad pro then the iphone 6s plus then the iphone 8 plus and then the iphone 11 pro so this should give you a general idea from the oldest devices to the newest devices and everywhere in between of hopefully what to expect from your device now should you update to ios 14.1

Well at this point i would say absolutely this particular update usually fixes quite a lot once we get to the 0.1 version of the update last year with 13.1 the year before that 12.1 usually apple's fixed most of the major issues it's super smooth on the iphones as well as the ipad that i've been using for a few days with the gm on it so i really wouldn't hesitate i'd just update and hopefully it fixes the battery issues but again that will take a few days to know for sure.

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